Long Distance Calling

Nexicom Long Distance Calling

With Nexicom Long Distance, it's easy:

  • Discounted rates within Canada and to U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii), and overseas.
  • No sign-up fees.
  • No contracts.
  • Direct Dialing without access codes on most plans.
  • Calling card and toll-free numbers available.


FlexPlan Rates
Package Description Monthly Fee Per Minute Overtime Rates
100 minutes Canada & U.S. - 24/7 $3.95/month[1] 4.0¢/min /min
250 minutes Canada & U.S. - 24/7 $8.95/month[1] 3.6¢/min 5.5¢/min
500 minutes Canada & U.S. - 24/7 $15.95/month[1] 3.2¢/min /min
Unlimited Canada & U.S. - 24/7 $19.95/month n/a n/a

Promotional Packages

Promotional Package
Package Description Monthly Fee Per Minute Call Card Rates
Six-to-Six Evening and weekend calling in Canada.
6pm - 6am
$20.00 cap for up to 800 minutes
None 6pm - 6am
Evenings and weekends
6pm - 6am
25¢/min to Canada
30¢/min to U.S.

Weekend calling starts Friday 6pm and ends Monday 6am with no exceptions.

Additional Information


Overtime charges on Six-to-Six package are 10¢ per minute.


Unless otherwise stated, all billings are based on one-minute minimum, one-minute increments.

All other call times not specified in plan are charged direct dial rates

Network access fee of $3.95/month applies.


[1] Plans include Canada/USA & call card & incoming toll free calls 24/7.