Network Notices

Email Protection System

Nexicom has recently moved to a new email filtering service. This will replace Appriver/Roaring Penguin.

Going forward, daily quarantine email will be sent daily at 6am. The format is very similar to the existing Quarantine emails.

Quarantined emails can be checked at any time using the following link:


Staying Digitally Safe during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Hackers have created thousands of Coronavirus (COVID-19) related sites as bait to target victims with scams or malware. It's very clear that these attacks exploit coronavirus fears and people's desire for information about the outbreak. Given the impact on the security of businesses and individuals alike, it's essential to avoid falling victim to online scams and practice good digital hygiene.

Watch out for emails and files received from unknown senders. Most importantly, check a sender's email address for authenticity, don't open unknown attachments or click on suspicious links, and avoid emails that ask to share sensitive data such as account passwords or bank information. One new spam campaign aims to capitalize on the widespread mask shortage to trick recipients into paying for masks, only to send them nothing. Always use trusted sources, such as legitimate government websites for up-to-date, fact-based information about COVID-19.

Loop Price Increase

As a valued Nexicom customer we wanted to inform you of a recent change in industry pricing that has directly affected how we are able to deliver our telecommunications services in your area. Millbrook, Cavan and Keene residents are not impacted by this price increase.

June 25th, 2019 Notice: Read More

November 13th, 2019 Notice: Read More

Fraudulent Survey

There has been increased reports of fake Nexicom surveys which promise a gift if you are to complete the survey.

These surveys are very much indeed fraudulent and Nexicom strongly recommends you never provide your personal information via a survey or e-mail.

Fraudulent Email - Invoice

There is an email currently circulating with the subject, "Invoice #xxxxxxxxx" and sent from an email address with a variation of '', this email is not from Nexicom and no action is required on your part.  Nexicom suggests that you delete this email and do not click on any of the links or open any attachment it suggests.

Thank you

Emailed Requests for Private Information

Recently, several of our customers have received an email from "NEXICOM.NET -" requesting personal information including their Internet User Name and Password.

Please do not respond to this type of inquiry as we have not sent any request for you to validate your information. Additionally, please do not click on any link inside the email. This is an unfortunate hoax designed to gain your personal information and/or download viruses onto your computer.

At Nexicom, we protect and value your privacy and therefore would never ask that you validate or provide information such as a password or credit card number through an email.

Network Maintenance Window

Please be advised that our normal maintenance window is on Tuesdays from 2:00am until 6:00am and Fridays from 2:00am until 6:00am. Any network maintenance that needs to be performed outside of these times will be posted here on our website under Network Notices.

Thank you.

Nexicom Email Settings

For all email addresses ending in, change your Outgoing Email Server setting to also change your Outgoing Email Server to Authentication On and finally change the Port from 25 to 587.

For more detailed instructions you can go to our Knowledge Base and search for the Email settings for your specific Email program.

Just go to