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Nexicom ILEC Phone

Welcome to our local rural service area!

As your local, friendly internet and telephone provider, we'd be happy to assist you with all of your communication requirements.

Without a current phone number we will need to know your new address to ensure you are within our serving territory.

Please contact our Customer Service department at 705-775-6394 and our staff would be pleased to check using your new address.


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Millbrook, Cavan and Keene


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Optional Long Distance Packages

FlexPlan Rates
Package Country Monthly Fee Per Minute Overtime Rates
100 minutes Canada & U.S. - 24/7 $3.95/month[1] 4.0¢/min /min
250 minutes Canada & U.S. - 24/7 $8.95/month[1] 3.6¢/min 5.5¢/min
500 minutes Canada & U.S. - 24/7 $15.95/month[1] 3.2¢/min /min
Unlimited Canada & U.S. - 24/7 $19.95/month n/a n/a

Long Distance Calling

Nexicom Long Distance is easy with no sign-up fees or contracts.


Calling Feature Options
Call Display Name
Call Display Number
Call Screen
Call Return
Call Waiting
Three-way Calling
Call Forward
Speed Calling
E-forward for Voicemail
Visual Call Waiting

Visual Call Waiting is free when you take both Call Displays and Call Waiting

Add Calling Features
4 Features
6 Features
Each feature over 6
$2.95/month each
Distinctive Ring

Additional Information

Pricing Notice

The prices listed do not include HST


Unless otherwise stated, all billings are based on one-minute minimum, one-minute increments.

All other countries not specified in plan are charged per the International or Caribbean Calling Rates (view details)

Network access fee of $3.95/month applies.


Cannot be combined with any other promotional offer.

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